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Country Name Phone Email
Austria Nbn Elektronik +43 316 402 805
Denmark Prophysics SOL AB 46 733 688787
France PM Instrumentation +33 (0)1 46 91 93 30
Germany Interface e.k +49-8022-271667
India Eltek Systems - Mumbai +91–22–28965762
Ireland Interface Force Measurements Ltd +44 (0)1344 776666
Italy Danetech SRL +39-02-36569371
Norway Prophysics SOL AB 46 733 688787
Sweden Prophysics SOL AB 46 733 688787
United Kingdom Interface Force Measurements Ltd +44 (0)1344 776666

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BOLT-3 Bolt torque
BOLT-3 Bolt torque
Bolt Torque and Tension Transducer


The BOLT 3 measures the two torques and the one force needed to analyse fastener stress. It measures the applied force, the to

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