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AMTI Multi-Axis Load Cells and Force Sensors/Platforms

Advanced Mechanical Technology Inc (AMTI) has over 25 years experience designing and manufacturing multi-axis load cells and force sensors/platforms. As a result of their innovative research into measurement tools for industrial applications, AMTI have won numerous grants awards from the National Science Foundation. AMTI's wide range of products is used in a wide range of industries including:

To complement their range of multi axis load cells, transducers and force platforms, AMTI have developed a range of multi-channel data acquisition instruments, with the latest implementing Smart technology for 'Plug&Play'** operation. These new technologies offer customers the highest level of performance for resistive strain gauge*** signal conditioning, data acquisition and motion control available.

This website catalogues many of the 6-axis products (6DOF) as well as some 2 & 3-axis specialist items, but if you cannot find a product for your particular application then please call us for information on alternative, modified or custom devices.

*Please call for correct Biomechanical contact information.
**Requires sensors to be fitted with integrated memory for storage of calibration data.
***Some platforms use Hall Effect sensors and a number have integrated electronics.

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SF3-SSUDW - DISCONTINUED - see below for alternative products
SF3-SSUDW - DISCONTINUED - see below for alternative products
Submersible 6 Axis Load Cell

THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE click View product View all products

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