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Force/Torque Sensor

  • Measures forces and moments on X,Y and Z axis
  • Available in four vertical capacities; 100, 250, 500 & 1000lbs
  • High stiffness, high sensitivity
  • Waterproof version available  

The MC3A force and torque sensor is ideally suited to any application that requires simultaneous measurement of several forces and moments. Typical applications include robotics, dynamics, monitoring of machining and production processes. The waterproof version is ideal for ocean engineering, tow tanks and other under water applications 

Available Downloads

  • Low cross talk  and excellent repeatability ensure long term stability
  • Manufactured from high strength aluminium alloy
  • Elastomeric O-ring seals protects against ingress
  • Anodised finish protects against corrosion  


General Specifications;

Please down load data sheet for full specifications

Available Downloads


  • 13 Twisted pair cable
  • Gen-5 Digital signal conditioning amplifier with crosstalk compensation
  • MC3A Multi Axis force transducer
  • NetForce PC data logging software
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate

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