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MC3246 Aircraft Platform

MC3246 Aircraft Platform

Aircraft landing gear sensor

  • Force platform with 3-axis force measurement
  • Large area 837mm x 1320 mm  
  • Aluminium construction top plate
  • Capacity (K lbf) - Fz 100/150/200 Fx/Fy 50 all variants
  • Capacity (kN) - Fz 444/667/890 Fx/Fy 222 all variants

The MC3246 is specifically designed for the measurement of aircraft landing gear tyre impact forces. This sensor, along with the smaller MC3232, is commonly used to measure the Fz, Fx & Fy forces during drop tests of landing gear mechanisms.

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  • Patented design ensures excellent repeatability, stability and accuracy
  • Manufactured from high strength aluminium for robust construction
  • High stiffness, high sensitivity , low cross talk


General Specifications

Please download data sheet for complete specifications

Available Downloads


  • 13 Twisted pair cable
  • Gen-5 Digital Signal conditioning amplifier with crosstalk compensation 
  • MC3246 Multi Axis Force Plate
  • NetForce data logging sotware
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate

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