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Biomechanics Force Platform

  • Measures 3 orthogonal forces & moments on X, Y & Z axes
  • Provides 6 individual outputs Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My & Mz
  • Available in three capacities, 4448, 8896  Newtons
  • High sensitivity, low cross talk and excellent repeatability  

The Model BP400600 force platform is design for the precise measurement of ground reaction forces. This makes it particularly suitable for application such as UVA undercarriage drop tests, automotive suspension testing, general engineering, medical research, and industrial uses. 

Available Downloads

  • Excellent repeatability with high sensitivity and low cross talk
  • Measures forces and moment components along X,Y and Z axes
  • Incorporates strain gages mounted on four precision strain elements in a patented design to ensure accuracy and repeatability
  • Supplied with AMTI’s  NetForce Software for easy set up and data collection   


General Specifications

Please download the product data sheet for full specifications


Available Downloads

  • Gen5  multi channel signal amplifier with cross talk correction
  • 13-twisted pair shielded cable assembly
  • Hi pressure hydraulic cable
  • BP400600 Force Platform
  • NetForce PC software
  • NIST traceble calibration certificate

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