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How do I wire and setup my AMTI Gen5 amplifier for common excitation?

AMTI model Gen5 6 channel amplifier.

Some AMTI sensors use commoned excitation to reduce the cable size to fit smaller body sizes and in some instances a thinner cable helps with routing in more compact installations. The standard sensor design has 6 individual strain gauged Wheatstone bridges requiring a total of 24 cores and this can be reduced to 14 cores by commoning the excitation.

Wiring: The commoned excitation connections are made to the Fx bridge which has sufficient current to drive all 6 bridges.

Setup: It is important to set internally the excitation voltage for the remaining 5 bridges to the same value as Fx as the signal output for each bridge is calculated using the sensitivity and the excitation.

FAQ last updated on 26 Jun 2012.

What are the AMTI connector choices?


AMTI offers a variety of connectors to suit lab specifications. Based on the specific equipment and configuration you desire, you can leave it to the product specialists at AMTI to recommend the appropriate cable connector for your needs.


Cable Transducer Connector Type
Souriau Straight 26-Pin A 26-pin circular connector, independent bridge wiring for all channels.
Souriau Right Angle 26-Pin
A right angle Souriau connector with the cable exiting out to the left side, independant bridge wiring for all channels. Used for space confinement considerations.
Glenair Waterproof
A high pressure, stainless steel, 19-pin, waterproof connector with common bridge excitation wired to all channels.
D.G. O'Brien Waterproof
A high pressure, stainless steel, 26-pin, waterproof connector, independent bridge wiring for all channels. Consult factory for availability.
High Density 26P D-Sub Connector
A high density, 26-pin, D-Subminiature connector, independent bridge wiring for all channels.


FAQ last updated on 02 Oct 2013.

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