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Sensor Application Customer Data Sheet

The following list of questions will help AMTI determine what multi-component transducer will best suit the requirements of your application. Please answer all of the questions as completely as possible. We realize that at this stage you may not know all the conditions and loads. Please estimate those that you don’t know as best you can.

Alternatively, instead of completing the form below, you can download our Product Enquiry Form (PDF) to complete and send to us via fax.

Your details:
A. General application description
B. Select the measurement components needed Fx (horizontal) Fy (horizontal) Fz (vertical) Mx (moment about the X-axis) My (moment about the Y-axis) Mz (moment about the Z-axis)
C. Load range needed Fx =
Fy =
Fz =
Indicate forces in the negative direction with a (-) sign. For example, indicate whether Fz is in compression (+ as shown in the figure) or in tension (-) (arrow pointing up).
D. Location of applied force vector(s) Lx =
Ly =
Lz =
With respect to the transducers top surface
(this will determine the Mx, My and Mz loads).
E. Pure Torques Applied Mx =
My =
Mz =
NOTE: All loads and positions must be indicated even if they are not to be measured.
F. Shape (cylindrical, square, rectangular or other), size, and weight of transducer Cylinder (in./cm.)

Square (in./cm.)

Rectangle (in./cm.)

Weight (lb./kg.)
G. Top and bottom mounting configuration details
H. Environmental Requirements
I. Connector location and type
J. Temperature requirements (if other than room or atmospheric) Operating Temperature =
Maximum Temperature =
K. Any other conditions that may influence the design selection Tables of our standard sensors are available on this website which list their sizes and capacities. Examine the list to see if any are close to meeting your requirements. If so, indicate its Model Name in the space below.
To some extent we can modify standard sensors more cost effectively than designing a new one. This is especially true if only a load, connector, or attachment method needs to be modified.
L. Spam test - write the answer to the following sum (to prove you're a human):

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MC3246 Aircraft Platform
MC3246 Aircraft Platform
Aircraft landing gear sensor

The MC3246 is specifically designed for the measurement of aircraft landing gear tyre impact forces. This sensor, along with the smaller MC3232,

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Help AMTI determine what multi-component transducer will best suit the requirements of your application.
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