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Submersible Products

SF3-SSUDW - Submersible 6 Axis Load Cell


Submersible 6 Axis Load Cell

The AMTI SF3 is a fully submersible version of the pobular MC3 6 axis force transducer.  The SF3's oil filled, pressure compensated bladder makes it idea for submersion for periods of up to 24 hours in fresh water enviroments such as tow tanks.

Available in 100lb (445N), 250lb (1112N), 500lb (2224N) and 1000lb (4448N) capacities, the SF3 is ideal for applications such as;

  • Tow tanks
  • Underwater structure models
  • Underwater robotics
  • Ocean engineering research 



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SP1D Submersible  - Mini Force/Torque Sensor

SP1D Submersible

Mini Force/Torque Sensor

The SP1D is AMTI’s smallest multi-component sensor. This sensor is specifically designed for underwater applications. These can include research and development with tow tanks, under water models and robotics 

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SP2.5D Submersible - Submersible Force & Torque Sensor

SP2.5D Submersible

Submersible Force & Torque Sensor

AMTI’s submersible SP2.5D Force and torque sensor specifically designed for the precise measurement of forces and moments. This sensor measures along the X, Y and Z-axes, along with the moments around these axes, giving six outputs. These strain gauge sensors have high stiffness, high sensitivity, low crosstalk, excellent repeatability as well as long-term stability. Standard vertical capacity is 1000lbf (4,448N) or 2000 lb (8,896N).

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UDW3 Submersible - Underwater Sensor

UDW3 Submersible

Underwater Sensor

The UDW3 is a precision multi axis force and moment sensor specifically designed for the measurement of underwater applications that require the simultaneous measurement of several forces and moments or measurement of forces that change direction and position over time. Applications include research and development in tow tanks, underwater structure models, robotics and ocean engineering. 

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MC3232-50K Aircraft Platform
MC3232-50K Aircraft Platform
Aircraft landing gear sensor

The MC3232 force & torque platform has been designed to test large forces in the X,Y and Z axes and the moments about those ax

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