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GEN5 Smart Amp - GEN5 Smart 6-Channel Load Cell Amplifier

GEN5 Smart Amp

GEN5 Smart 6-Channel Load Cell Amplifier

The Gen 5 is an advanced, six channel signal conditioner for multi-axis transducers that offers industry leading performance and innovative features in an easy to use and cost effective package. The integrated intelligent matrix based compensation circuitry helps to reduce crosstalk between individual channels. The software configurable excitations, gains and filters can be adjusted manually of automatically when a Smart sensor is connected. The dual outputs provide either USB data connection direct to a PC or +/-5Vdc analogue signals for connection to external data acquisition equipment.

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FS6 Multi axis sensor
FS6 Multi axis sensor
Force/Torque Sensor

The FS-6 sensor is suitable for applications requiring simultaneous measurement forces and moments. Applications include dynamics, machine robot

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